Synchronous : -

Asynchronous : -

Multithreading or Multithreading Asynchronous :-

Example : -

Multithreading means multiple request not awaiting for first threads to be completed…

String Comparison : -

There are mainly two methods available

  1. ToLower
  2. Using Text Info Dictionary to ToTitleCase

1. Sharp Zip Lib : -

Library uses for Compression Extracting Files to .Zip and .Rar and many other formats.

2. Fluent Email : -

For Sending Fast Multiple Emails or single emails in SMTP, Mail Gun and Send Grid format.

3. Mail Kit : -

For Sending email in Smtp and with Authentication and Imap4

4. Paper cut SMTP : -


Top Level Statement’s : -

This C# 9.0 feature mainly works in Console Application where you have one class basically this features allow you to remove namespaces…

  1. Start
  2. Page Initialization
  3. Page Load
  4. Page Validation
  5. Post Back Event Handling
  6. Rendering
  7. Un Load

  1. The instance of the singleton class is to be created once and it remains for the lifetime of…

Create Function functionName(@Parameter DataType)
Return <DataType>
Declare @Result as <DataType>
Declare @QueryOutput <DataType>
Set @QueryOutput='Select top 1 RecordColumn from User'
RETURN @Result

Asad Iftikhar

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